Monday, September 5, 2016

Trail Trot to Blue Lake

There was more than a touch of fall was in the air as Mary, Bristle and I made our way up to Blue Lake. I ran up and met Mary and Bristle at the lake.

I ran around taking pics before they showed up.

It was way too cold for wet bathing, but sun bathing was pleasant on the flat rock here in this pic.

Heading down we had fine views of the Paiute Crags.

Down down down toward Lake Sabrina.

The change in the weather was invigorating and the magnificent scenery was inspiring. So grand!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Trail Running in the Hills

This cycling season I've made it a point to mix it up and do a little trail running or hiking up in the mountains each week. It's been great cross training and I've loved getting up in the beautiful high country.

The first trip was up to Bluff Lake above the South Fork of Bishop Creek. I did it on a lark, and did not bring a camera - or much food, but I was hooked!

The second outing took me up above Lundy Lake towards Oneida Lake. 

An old powerline to the Lundy mine. 

Looking back down to Lundy Lake.

Next up were the Marie Louise Lakes above South Lake.

 For my rest week I moseyed up to Eastern Brook Trout Lakes with Mary and Bristle.

These lakes are in the popular Rock Creek drainage, but off the beaten path.

 B loved it too.

The next week I headed up to lower Lamarck Lake and the first Wonder Lake from North Lake.

 Lower Lamarck Lake.

The first Wonder Lake.

Today I was joined by my buddy Jim T and we visited Fern Lake above the June Lake Loop.

Had another nice beach, and in fact the entire lake, all to ourselves.

Head to the hills for good health and a happy demeanor!
Smartest "training" decision I've made this year.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Coyote Flat Mountain Bike

This last Saturday Ben, Ann, and I had planned on riding up on Papoose Flat in the Inyo Mountains, but smoke from a fire in the southern Sierra had filtered into that area, so we settled on plan B - driving up to Coyote Flat and riding there.

Ann cruises through one of the stream crossings.

Ben rides some typical road early in the day. A little soft, but not bad.

Our first "mini loop" brought us up off the flat.

To Funnel Lake.

Then back down.

Ben looks over to Sugaloaf.

Our second loop was up near Round Mountain.

We loved the big open views.

Plan B proved to be A ok!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Masonic Mountain and Potato Peak via Mountain Bike

I've been scheming to do this route for a while now. Summiting peaks on a mountain bike! My buddy Jim and I started from Bridgeport, rolled out Highway 182 for a short spell, then headed up Masonic Road.

After several miles of nice climbing on well graded, moderately pitched road we arrived at the Chemung mine site.

A couple more miles on the steeper upper sections of Masonic Road took us to the turnoff for Masonic Mountain.

The road to the summit included two or three short, tough sections, but generally was fine riding.

The view from the summit looking back towards the Sweetwater Mountains and the final stretch of road to the top.

Looking south towards our next objective, Potato Peak (on right of two peaks center).

Obligatory victory pose.

After a truly fun descent from Masonic Mountain we hopped on the Bodie - Masonic Road and headed south.

We left the main road onto an awesome two track which took us up onto the north shoulder of Potato Peak (above right).

Good stuff.

After reaching the shoulder, a tough grunt took us to the shallow saddle southwest of the peak and from there we scrambled to the top. Jim enjoys summit fever!

 We took a good spell to soak in the views and enjoy the wonderful weather.

Jim scrambles back down to the bikes. 

We proceeded to bomb down the great descent west of  Potato Peak to Aurora Canyon and then back to Bridgeport.

All time!
Thanks Jim.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Big Loop in the Bodie Hills

I started the day off right. Early morning at Lundy Campground outside our Scamp. 

Inside the Scamp.

Scooped up my buddy Jimmy in Mono City and drove to Bodie. Heading up the Geiger Grade out of Bodie.

Into the big open high country near Bodie Peak.

Took a small side road to the historic site of Halfway.

Relaxed and poked around for a bit.

Back on the trail.

Crossing the state line.

Out into open country.

Replenished out water at Fletcher Spring and then headed up into Del Monte Canyon.

and poked around another old homestead.

Arriving back in Bodie.

A long, spectacular ride in wonderfully remote country with a great friend.
Doesn't get much better!