Saturday, January 23, 2016

Earthquake Dome

After a fun storm day at Mammoth Mountain yesterday Anne P invited Mary and I to join her and her friends Christy and Meredith on a tour up Earthquake Dome. The storm was still in progress but winding down as we took Scenic Loop Road from 395.

Adventure driving! The Suzuki did great. Could of used a little more clearance, but the traction was awesome. 6" to 8" of fresh on the road.

Got the vehicles parked. Took a little doing.

We left the road and were instantly in a wonderful winter scene.

Mary, cruising skin track.

Skies cleared for a bit as we scoped out our first run.

Mary dropping in!

Christy like it!

Anne too!

At the top for the second run. Blue skies, sun, a little wind, and flakes in the air.

Run 2 was even better. Christy slays it.

Mary really got the knack in the deep fluff!

Great zone. Great fun!


Sierra Gal said...

A day I will never forget! Thank you!

Jediah Porter said...

Cool group! Missing this Eastside scene!