Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hemlock, June Lake Area

Got out for a tour up June Lake way today with my buddy Simon. We rode the ski lifts up to the top of Chair 7 then descended gentle trees towards Yost Lake.

Simon enjoys the adventure as much as anything - which is a great quality.

Dream Mountain and Yost Lake. There were light flurries when we started then the clouds gradually lifted through the day.

We headed up and west from Yost Lake into the broad treed slopes of Hemlock.

There was 6" to 10" of light snow over a very firm crust throughout the area which made for fairly miserable skinning in the steeper terrain. The new snow would simply slough off and the skis would lose purchase on the crust.

It looked really good though!

The skiing wasn't all that bad. The skis hit the crust every turn, but it was fairly consistent.

Lower sections were scary thin in spots. Once back to Yost Lake we happily donned our skins and cruised back to the ski area.

Simon enjoyed the adventure. Thankfully his good spirit was infectious!

A moderately strong south wind was picking up in the afternoon. Slabs were likely forming on the higher elevation ridges as snow transport up there was pretty obvious. Surface hoar had formed in many if not most places which will be a layer to watch as the next storm cycle cranks up.

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