Monday, January 11, 2016

Mammoth Crest Skiing

After the superb day skiing Saturday, Steve and I headed up towards Mammoth Crest hoping to find more goodness.

The day dawned crisp, clear, and calm with a few floating flakes in the air.

The clouds rolled in quickly as we exited the trees into Hamill Bowl.

The snow in Hamill bowl was more wind affected than I anticipated with a weak, funky crust just beneath a couple of inches of fluff and on top of more lower density snow.

We decided against skiing the wind crust and headed for trees. Looking back at the crest with Hamill Chute on the right.

We got into a real nice protected zone east of Hamill Bowl.

The thin clouds rolled in and out all day providing great moods.

Eventually we made our way up to a high ridge where the snow got thin and rocky.

Fantastic views from that spot. Looking north, Mammoth Mtn on the left, Sherwins on the right, Lake Mary down in the trees.

This zone has a splendid alpine feel.

After a fun run in trees and glades we headed back up for another. Sure was nice to stroll up the skin track!

Tracks from run #1.

Nearing the top for run #2.

Skied this beautiful little chute connecting to fantastic tree skiing below.

The trees pleased.
Wonderful skiing on a stunningly beautiful day.

Grateful for good friends and good snow!

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