Wednesday, January 13, 2016

McCloud Lake

Met up with my friend Janet for a mid week ski tour today.

A small storm was rolling through. We started out across Twin Lakes with  moderately strong winds and light snow.

Up at McCloud Lake conditions were a bit more intense.

This is the zone we skied. Doesn't look like much, but it provides 500+' runs in sheltered, fun terrain.

Skinning up we could hear the wind roaring in the distance, but largely enjoyed the calm.

The first run was a little funky with a melt/freeze crust, but for the second run we moved over into a different area and found good snow.

The Mammoth Crest was visible off and on.

The third run was pretty sweet too.

Not exactly sweet back at McCloud Lake though! Strong winds and stinging ice pellets prompted a quick exit.

Nice to get out in some weather!
Thanks Janet.

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