Sunday, January 10, 2016

South Lake Cruise

Friday 1/8 I hit the trail early to skin up to South Lake and check conditions.

I was disappointed with the shallow snowpack. Depth varied from 1" to 4" or so at the winter trailhead. Still had sections where the pole tips hit asphalt. Ugh.

Snow depth did not increase much until the Parchers area where there was upwards of a foot. The Parchers approach to Brown Lake is not skiable. Yes that is a Blue Heron in the road. Must've been around 10 deg F out!

Creek's always pretty here.

The view of the peaks from the South Lake trailhead was grand - as usual. Perhaps enough snow to ski back in the Treasure Bowl area. Perhaps not. Hurd Peak definitely not.

The Tyee zone has a long way to go.

Table Mountain and Bishop Bowl also are in a sad state.

Go north!

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