Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Headed up the Buttermilk Road to see what I could see. Could drive a fair bit past the Horton Creek turnoff. A 15 minute skin got me to the big creek crossing and 45+ minutes got me to the regular parking area.

Mt Tom early.

Just past the creek crossing looking at the peaks. Mt Locke left with Wahoo Gully splitting the cliffs, Mt Humphreys back center right, and Peaklet just right of Humphreys.

 Ended up heading into Wahoo.

Amazing place!

The views from the top of the chute were not real encouraging. Still bony.

Plenty of snow in the chute though.

Mixture of breakable crust, supportable crust, and wind eroded soft snow. Skiing was pretty good. Had to have a keen eye for the soft snow and where it changed to not soft snow. Gorilla skied a lot of it!

The view back.

It's a classic for a reason!

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