Saturday, February 6, 2016

Above Blue Lake

I got a bit of a itch to go long, so I roped my buddy Steve into heading out above Lake Sabrina.

Crossing said lake.

After a little effort through convoluted terrain we arrived at Blue Lake where we began to remark on how calm and warm the day was while we admired the fine Sierra scenery.

The big open slopes just right of center got our attention and we made them our goal.

More convoluted terrain slowed our progress as did the rapid warming which created sticky snow.

At last we had to concede our goal was beyond reach. The terrain, the heat, and Steve's gimpy knee conspired against us.

The consolation prize wasn't bad.

Much of the skiing back down to Sabrina was pretty decent - as long as we stayed off the sun baked snow. Coverage was good back here.

Despite the heat, we observed only a few small rollers and no wet avalanches at all. Loaded south and southwest slopes would be scary - not to mention unpleasant to ski!

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