Friday, February 12, 2016

Back to Bishop Bowl

I figured it would be good if the southfacing slopes cooked a bit more, so I looked for winter snow up in Bishop Bowl. 

The moraine is melted out with only a few small patches of snow. Hiking up on deer trails was not unpleasant. Much better and far quicker than the skin from Intake 2 right now.

Sunrise over Table Mountain. Aspendell in the valley between.

I topped the moraine near our skin track from two weeks ago. Easy traveling.

Looking south, zoomed in, to Point Powell left and Mt Powell (?) right.

Anne's and mine tracks persist. Sun affected there, but the snow was still soft tight to the trees.

Skin track city.

I stripped skins here before heading over and in.

Looking down for the first run.

The sheltered edge provided the best skiing on wind eroded snow.

The skiing was not bad up there!

But it was better lower in the trees. Fast, smooth, faceted powder!

By mid morning it was t-shirt weather, but by late-morning a bit of a breeze picked up- thankfully, or I would have been much too hot.

The hike down the moraine was not exactly fun, but was over soon enough.

Good one.

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