Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Maggot Bowl

We've been enjoying clear warm days for a while now, so I was thinking the south facing slopes might be setting up well enough for good skiing.

Got a fairly early start from Aspendell.

Fish were rising in this pond.

Fools Ridge. Again.

Up towards my destination. The route starts in the snowfield low, left and wraps up and around out of view.

Interesting trees on a ridge. Somehow reminded me of dancing figures.

Maggot Bowl itself. I headed up right. The attractive snowfield far left is another drainage over.

 Looking up at the summit of Bishop Bowl. I was up there with Anne less than a week ago!

Paiute Crags and Mt Emerson. Again.

Looking south to the U shape valley near Lamarck Col.

and southeast to where Steve and I were Saturday. Blue Lake just left of center. Grass Lake bottom.

Another shot of the Bowl. Sun bleached - like me. Skinned up in a T shirt!

A little crunchy still up high, but quickly became fun. Mid slopes were best. A little sloppy low - even at 10:15 or so! Borderline dangerous.

Could use more cooking, but still a lot of fun.

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