Friday, February 19, 2016

South Fork Glades

Without any goal in mind I headed up the South Lake road from the usual winter closure at Habeggar's. The coverage on the road is poor and discontinuous (by now) for the first mile or two.

After a bit it's pretty well covered.

Lots of snow was moving around in this cirque north of Tyee Lakes.

Once the road began to climb up to Parcher's Resort I was breaking trail in 4" to 6" of new snow.

This glade was the first zone that looked good for skiing, so it became my destination.

The views opened up impressively as I neared the ridge. Mts Gilbert, Thompson, and Ski Mountaineer's Peak from left to right.

This nice line drops straight to South Lake. Good corn shot. Maybe soon?

Bishop Pass (far left just out of view), Mt Goode, and Hurd Peak both on the right.

Johnson (left center) and Gilbert (far right) above the enticing Treasure Bowls.

I had a pretty enticing zone of my own!

The glades skied very well. A bit thin in spots still.

Took two runs and headed home. Good day.

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