Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lake Sabrina Ridge

After two days of travel and one day of unpacking and relaxing I was eager to tour again on home turf. We had two good storms roll through, so I was hopeful for good conditions.

I started in Aspendel where there was very little new snow - not encouraging.

But by the time I was up on the North Lake road I was breaking trail in several inches - better!

Yes, I take this picture every time.

This section of road is very popular for photographers in the fall. Doesn't look too bad in winter either.

I came across this amazing ice circle in Paiute Creek above North Lake. It was slowly rotating in place.

As I climbed I enjoyed the nice views of Mt Emerson (left) and Paiute Crags (far right).

I got into a little micro terrain. Fortunately this was the only spot requiring these tight kick turns.

Up on the ridge the views were truly astounding. Lake Sabrina drainage.

Lamarck drainage right of the ridge.

Oh yeah. The skiing was pretty darn good too!

Even got a face shot or two in here! Nice to be home skiing fresh blower.

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