Thursday, March 31, 2016

North Basin Mountain

Back home and recovered from the Grand Traverse I felt the draw for adventure. I thought about giving the main couloir on Basin Mountain a go, but remembered seeing a nice chute on the north side of Basin during a trip a month ago.

Took this pic during that trip.

An inch or two of new snow blanketed the upper Buttermilks near sunrise.

The lower flanks are bare for this time of year. I headed to the left of the two little notches on the right skyline.

The weather appeared to be lifting for the first couple of hours then the clouds descended and changed the entire mood.

The sun came out briefly as I traversed loose snow covered talus into the chute. Not exactly fun.

Looking down it was hard to tell where/how the descent would go.

It turned out to be a beautiful run. There were three or four inches of new snow over a firm crust - which made for decent, if not great, skiing, but the setting was fantastic.

Real pretty for the hike out too.

Nice to be home!
Nice to explore a new line too!

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