Monday, March 14, 2016

Rock Creek Hut Day 1

My pal Elysia set up this great trip up to the hut at Mosquito Flat in the Rock Creek drainage. Friends Janet and Brian joined to make it four.

I think we all figured it would be a short haul up to the hut so carrying some "luxury" items would be no big deal. All of our packs were pretty heavy and we all suffered a bit on the way up  - especially our feet.

Elysia at Mosquito flats. Yes, it was windy.

At the hut we refueled and tended to our feet. Sorry I caught you mid bite Janet.

After a bit we decided we needed to get out and go for a tour. Three coming.

Three going.

We wound our way up towards a knob with some nice views.

Near the top.

At the top.

The treed slopes on the north side of the knob had collected enough snow to make for good skiing.

Brian enjoys some pleasant turns.

Back at the hut Elysia fixed us up some fine vittles!

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