Monday, March 14, 2016

Rock Creek Hut Day 2

I have to say it is great to wake up in the mountains - even if the wind howled all night and I had a pounding headache! After a couple cups of coffee and an incredible breakfast burrito (thanks Janet) I was ready to go.

The big winds brought clouds and light snow.

 Three heading into the darker part of the valley.

Those are nice couloirs above Chickenfoot Lake.

The weather gradually intensified as we got up around treeline.

Happy to find some good skiing here.

Then a bit more slogging back to the hut.

By this time I was really dragging with a headache and slight nausea. Got to the hut and bailed out a day early with Brian who had to go to work Monday. Thinking/hoping it was just altitude sickness - we'll see.

Still a memorable trip and I was glad to be able to spend some quality time with good people. Thanks Elysia, Brian, and Janet. 

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