Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ruby Mountains Day 2

After the splendid tour yesterday I had the urge to head back up and explore the upper reaches of the Right Hand fork of Lamoille Creek.

Some real quality bushwhacking here. Keeps the riff raff out I guess.

The reward. A big beautiful valley. I would eventually end up on the snowy bump on the skyline just right of the little pinnacle.

Real pretty terrain, but ski tracks everywhere - thanks to the helicopter skiing operation.

Looking back to the notch I skied up to yesterday. Nice couloir!

Down the valley from my high point.

More great views. Snowmobile tracks all over the place. Amazing where they can get those things.

I like Nevada. One mountain range after another after another.

I managed to find a nice untracked nook in the trees. Real fine skiing here.

Once out of the trees I was able to take a fast, high traverse out of the valley to the bushwhack section. A bit more tolerable on the second go.

Hope to be back someday and explore more gems in the Ruby range!

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