Thursday, March 3, 2016

Teton Pass

Today I enjoyed a solo tour off of iconic Teton Pass. For sure I have never seen so many backcountry ski and snowboard enthusiasts in one place in my life. The vibe was friendly with all sorts of folks out and about.

Roughly half the people, myself included, were heading up the bootpack to Mt Glory north of the pass.

Near the top the angle eases and the slopes open. The device on the right is designed to remotely trigger avalanches while the highway is closed.

South of the highway there are an amazing number of inviting, open glades. The highway can be seen at the bottom.

Several groups were loitering on the summit. This guy was the only friendly one. I figure the rest were just in there own world contemplating the day ahead of them.

Just north of the summit is the gorgeous bowl "Little Tuckerman's."

Larger peaks off to the north.

The first run was in "Northwest Trees" down to "South Gully."

Then I headed back up to the top and skied "Middle Ridge" down to "North Gully."

I found a decent skin track down there and cruised up that to near "The Great White Hump" with these views. Snowmobiles were ripping around down in this basin.

I skied the gentle, open glades here down to Coal Creek. Taylor Mountain behind.

The skiing in the high elevation, north facing glades was very nice with soft, creamy snow. Lower down the snow was heavier and some sunny slopes were downright sticky.

Overall I loved the skiing, the great scenery, and the unique ski culture up at the pass!

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