Monday, May 9, 2016

Fool's Ridge 2

I am a creature of habit I suppose, so when Sunday morning dawned bright and clear I headed back up to North Lake. 

Fool's Ridge again! Our previous day's work could be seen on the diagonal snow field beneath the cliffs.

Yesterday's gem.

Another real beauty save for the giant chockstone near the top.

I was able to skin from here after about an hour and fifteen minutes of hiking.

The lower section of the chute.

 and the beautiful upper section.

The snow was staying cold and soft in the shade while the booting was pleasant without any of the postholing we "enjoyed" yesterday.

Lots of local attractions caught my eye at the top. First off was this nice chute (right) and broad bowl (left) at the head of the Wonder Lakes drainage.

Nearby is "Fool's Peak". Enticing, but with the sun, rapid warming, and forecasted afternoon showers I was eager to head down.

Especially alluring is the north couloir of Mt Lamarck.

Looking north toward Mt Emerson.

The skiing in the chute was good, although, like yesterday, there was a patch of avalanche debris that was skiable but funky. The snow on the apron was getting thick providing so-so skiing.

Once off the skis the weather came in quickly.

Glad I got an early start and did not dilly dally!


Deborah Castro said...

Very nice! Doesn't Fool's Ridge become Mt George Davis just over Emerson Lake? Any idea what that west face is looking like for snow coverage?

Scott E said...

Just now saw your comment Deborah. For sure, what I called "Fool's Peak" is, in fact, Mt George Davis. Did not get a look at the west face, although with it's location I would suspect it may be wind scoured.