Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mt Johnson Mini Couloir

Headed out above South Lake again. Climbed up through the Treasure Lake zone very close to where Ben and I skied on Friday.

This wind lip forms in this spot every year. Busted a rib here once upon a time.

Just above I found this fascinating zig zag pattern in the snow.

There are several couloirs on the north face of Johnson. I selected this one as it seemed to hold the best snow even though it was fairly short.

Getting up there.

Booting was hard work. Mid thigh deep in spots and over the knee all the way.

Once I got into the upper section of the couloir I was constantly pelted with snow pellets and, occasionally, small rocks. So I bailed out.

Dang fine skiing in the couloir. Wrapped around and found good skiing down into the main drainage too.

Looking back on the way out.

Surprisingly good skiing all the way out to South Lake too.

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