Thursday, May 26, 2016

TJ Bowl

Between working a little and the funky weather, it's been over a week since I have been out skiing. Had to scratch the itch, so I headed up to the Mammoth Lakes basin.

The road up Coldwater Creek had not been plowed, so I went with plan B, Lake George.

I endured a little tedious hiking to get to the back of George, where the snow was deeper and I was able to start skinning.

A somewhat more wintery scene at TJ Lake with TJ Bowl behind. The lake was a big old margarita, sans tequila and lime and all that, so I hiked a little more along the shore.

Made a couple of navigational errors on the way up, but nothing serious. Took a run down the treed bowls east of TJ bowl proper to check the snow. It turned out much better than expected - about 2" of damp snow over a soft, but totally supportable base.

The sun made a brief appearance, instantly triggering several small but not insignificant wet slides along the crest. Ambitions for heading up vanished!

TJ bowl skied nicely though.

Good run.

Back to the car around 11am. Glad I got out early 'cause it certainly wasn't getting any better with the sunshine and rising temps.

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