Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Treasure Peak Bowl

Rallied for another tour with Ben. This time up Rock Creek where a couple of inches of light, fluffy snow fell at the trailhead - which is the pack station for now. 

We headed up to Ruby Lake

and then Mills Lake with our goal, the Petit Griffon center.

From whence we came. A lot of trailbreaking!

We took a nice break at this rock and contemplated trying the Petit, despite obvious sloughs, or traversing over into the Treasure Peak bowl.

Closeup of the Petit Griffon. Recent sloughs had flushed out of the chute, so we were a bit dubious the skiing would be very good there. We decided to head to the bowl.

We did a long traverse under the north face of Treasure Peak to find the most north facing, coldest snow. Ben ready to go, actually eager to go and get out from under the face that was pelting us with ice pellets.

The skiing was good!

The snow got a bit heavier as we skied lower on sunnier slopes.

The sun had really warmed the snow and we did trigger a shallow wet slide (above Ben's head) on an east facing slope. Then we "enjoyed" mank the last couple of hundred feet down to the valley floor.

Finally, of course, there was the long slog out.

A beautiful day in Rock Creek!

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