Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Big Loop in the Bodie Hills

I started the day off right. Early morning at Lundy Campground outside our Scamp. 

Inside the Scamp.

Scooped up my buddy Jimmy in Mono City and drove to Bodie. Heading up the Geiger Grade out of Bodie.

Into the big open high country near Bodie Peak.

Took a small side road to the historic site of Halfway.

Relaxed and poked around for a bit.

Back on the trail.

Crossing the state line.

Out into open country.

Replenished out water at Fletcher Spring and then headed up into Del Monte Canyon.

and poked around another old homestead.

Arriving back in Bodie.

A long, spectacular ride in wonderfully remote country with a great friend.
Doesn't get much better!

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