Thursday, July 13, 2017

Crusher in the Tushar

For the fifth consecutive year we trucked out to the Tushar Mountains for the Crusher in the Tushar. 

After a lengthy drive we arrived at serene Kents Lake Campground.

Wonderful to be back!

The next day Mary took a spin on the paddleboard and later rode with my friend Bob and I.

At the start Chris and I were all smiles. It was already warm unlike past years.

Feeling confident!

Mary headed up to the campground and took these pictures of us passing by.

Rolling through the high meadows and forest. So beautiful. 

After enduring the searing heat in the valley around Junction City and Circleville the high country greeted us with lightning, thunder, hail and heavy rain. Drama! 

The scene at the finish line.

After the hail and rain let up I felt good and was able to ride hard to the finish. Joy!

Only slightly dazed!

Chris finished strong.

Brent got the best greeting from his family.

Bob was all smiles after finishing. He was 3rd place in the 60+ division. Fist bump!

Four finishers.

I have never felt better at the Crusher, but my time was slower and my placing lower than my previous efforts. Maybe I was having too much fun! I finished 29th of 96 in the 50-59 age group with a time of 6:01.

Bob, Mary and I took a pleasant recovery hike the next day. The lupine were amazing.

Good views here and there.

The body was pretty tired but it felt great to stroll through the woods.

Our destination. Rocky Lake. Lots of Elk signs here but no sightings.

The moon rising on our last night.

A fantastic trip!

Sunday, July 2, 2017


For those of you not into bike shop lingo, JRA stands for Just Riding Along. As in "I was just riding along and my frame broke!" which should be interpreted "I crashed really hard and my frame broke."

Just riding along is truly what I've been doing lately - with one somewhat hard crash.

After the Lost & Found race I took several days off/easy and then got on the mountain bike in preparation for the Carson City Off Road 50 mile race. I am blessed to have fun single track riding very close to home.

Speaking of home... our ranchito.

The trail to our ranchito.

After a few solid training rides I headed up to Carson City for the race stopping at the Sweetwater Summit for a warm up ride. The stark Sweetwater Range is ever pleasing.

Fun ride in a remote area.

Biker camping was most pleasant at Mills Park in Carson City. The camaraderie among the riders was great. Insta-friends!

The race started off pretty well. I felt strong. Paced myself nicely and stayed well fueled and hydrated.

Unfortunately I did crash hard while passing a slow rider on narrow singletrack. Tumbled down a steep bank and bruised some ribs. Managed to get up and finish the lap but was in no shape to complete another loop. That's bike racing!

I recuperated for a few days then eased back into training for the Crusher in the Tushar coming up 7/9. With a heat wave in effect I enjoyed a nice ride up in the cooler air.

Flooding on Crowley Lake Drive just west of Tom's Place.

Beautiful McGee Creek.

McGee Creek raging!

I also enjoyed a pleasant ride out Highway 120 to Sagehen Summit with my wonderful wife.

Near the beginning looking back at the Sierra.

Happy rider!

Quiet roads, smooth pavement, wonderful scenery... road riding bliss!

Always appreciate the views of Mono Lake out this way too.

On more week until the Crusher! The ribs are still a little achy but I am feeling good and strong and am looking forward to a lot of fun out there in Utah.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Rock Creek Ride

After a few days of recovery from the Lost & Found race I wanted to get on the road bike but I also wanted to enjoy some mountain scenery too, so I elected to ride up along Rock Creek.

I started at Millpond Park and rolled out through scenic Round Valley.

No traffic, good roads, and a pleasant setting. Road bliss.

Pine Creek was cranking.

I then climbed up Old Sherwin Grade.

At Tom's Place I turned up Rock Creek Road. This is the creek at the first bridge. Raging!

I started to feel like I was up in the mountains here.

Riding Rock Creek Road is a real pleasure after the widening and resurfacing.

The road is plowed to the pack station. Shortly beyond the gate are large snow patches, so I did not make it to Mosquito Flat.

Rock Creek Lake.

It was brisk but beautiful here at the outlet.

More big water just below the outlet.

Nearly 6,000' of almost continuous climbing. Got my fix of mountain scenery along with a solid training ride. Sweet!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Lost and Found Gravel Race

Last weekend I was back at Lake Davis for the Lost and Found gravel race. I arrived a couple of days before the race to grab a decent camp site and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Took a little spin on the Lake Davis trail after settling in at the campground.

The meadows in this neck of the woods are fantastic.

After several years of low levels the lake is brimming full.

Lightning Tree Point - this may be THE lightning tree but not sure.

 A little fog was drifting about the next morning.

 These lupine seemed especially happy.

Home sweet home for the weekend.

The start! Bill O. & Todd H. (left & center) lead the huge field.

Ben calmly rolls out,

Me. Mixture of giddy and trepidation.

The race was terrific. This year featured a new, much rougher course that was no less beautiful than the previous. My race went well. I felt good and strong most of the day and managed to avoid crashes and mechanical problems - which wasn't easy! Finished in 6:28 good for 17th of 72 finishers.

Although I wasn't completely spent, it was nice to sit down for a moment after crossing the finish line.

Ben and Ann were there to greet me - and provided a reviving can of Coke.

Pretty dang dusty out there. At times it felt like I was riding in a thick fog!

Ann picked up in the win in the 60 miler women's 21-30 division.

Most of the east side crew sans Chris & Brent. Ben, me, Ann, Ted, Bill & Simon. Stoked to be done and looking forward to grub and a beer!

Enjoyed a nice stroll in the evening. Mary, blending in.

Next morning took an easy spin. This is the north arm of Lake Davis.

Gravel bliss!

More meadows!

Another great trip with wonderful folks, tough racing, and amazing scenery.
Time to recover!