Monday, January 23, 2017

Snow in Bishop!

Yesterday we awoke to about 7" of new snow, winds steady at 20+ mph, gusting to 40 mph and it kept snowing and blowing all day and by late afternoon we accumulated another few inches. 

After shoveling for a good bit I decided to strap on the backcountry gear and head up from the house to see if I could make a few turns.

My timing was poor however. The snow turned to a mix of rain and a little sleet while the winds cranked up. I did manage a few squiggles up high, but generally the snow was too dense and the slope to shallow for turns. Soaked but stoked I headed home.

Pretty! Worth getting out for sure.

This morning dawned in dramatic fashion. Took a little walk with Mary & Bristle.

Our little street.

Home sweet home.

After another healthy dose of shoveling I whipped out the cross country skis and headed back up the hill following yesterday's tracks.

Super pretty out.

There are several dirt roads up above us that are perfect for XC trails.

Looking down to our neighborhood and across the big valley.

Superb conditions for the skinny stick!

Around two o'clock the storm put in one last effort and we once again enjoyed flakes in the air.
About that time our kind neighbor Pete came by and plowed the driveway. Bonus!

Glad we weren't living in Mammoth.
A friend of mine was dealing with this.

A real winter's worth of snow in just two weeks!!!

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