Thursday, March 2, 2017

Gravel Ride in the Valley

I had been off the bike for over a week and with the dearth of quality snow in the mountains I elected to get in the saddle and hit the gravel.

Dropped down onto the valley floor from our house.

 Then up the Owens River Road which rode nicely.

Wandered onto this little two track for a bit.

Found some actual gravel at the base of the White Mountains.

Got off the valley floor for some nice views.

Then made my way past the Buckley Ponds.

Another pretty stretch of valley dirt.

With some views of these stately Cottonwood trees.

Put the cherry on top with a little Chipmunk single track.

Spectacular day! Rode with shorts and short sleeves the last hour. Felt great to turn the pedals.

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