Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Red Mountain

I spent four days over the last weekend in an Avalanche 2 class offered by Sierra Mountain Guides. Great class! Howie Schwartz and Geoff Unger did a super job. 

Today Ben and I skied Red Mountain, near Toms Place. Acres and acres of avalanche debris!

From whence it came.

Skinning on the nearby firm windboard left not a track.

We continued on up to the summit.

Lots of great ski lines were seen. Mount Morgan North.

Patricia Peak in the foreground.

White Mountain.

 The Mount Morgan South massif.

We skied a line I've been eyeing for a while. Enjoyed good skiing in this pretty glade.

Still pretty decent here too, although we did encounter some funky crust up high.

Had to do a bit of traversing to get back around to the front of Red, but worth it.
Not much good snow around but this line was holding up pretty well.

Can't complain about a nice summit, good turns, and fantastic weather.
Thanks Ben!

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