Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tinemaha Creek

Noticed a lot of snow in the upper reaches of Tinemaha Creek, so I got up early and checked it out.

Birch Mountain

Tinemaha Peak. I skied up the valley to the right.

Found a sweet ribbon of snow at around 6750'.

Winds & Clouds gathered

Wasn't too stoked about this view! I stayed high right on snow and descended to the far end of the forest. Went pretty smoothly.

Nice cloud formations.

Finally got a glimpse of my goal for the day. Windy!

The view down to the big valley.

Nice alpine scenery and wintery weather.

Turned around when the skinning became unpleasant. Probably another 400'+ to the top.

The upper slope skied well with a few inches of windblown new snow over a firm base. The rest of the run was quite good on perfectly cooked corn.

Been wanting to visit this zone for a long time.

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