Monday, April 24, 2017

Bishop Area Gravel

I had planned on skiing today, but the weather just wasn't cooperating so I rode the new gravel bike. First time out on this wheel/tire combo. WTB Nano 40s on HED Ardennes LT wheels with a Sunrace 11x40 cassette.

Cleaned, lubed, and ready to roll.

Thomson post, stem, and bars. Whiskey fork.

Purple sparkle explodes in the sun.

Paul mini-motos do the slowing.

In the wild above Bishop.

Went for a good long one. 

Canals around town that haven't held water in years are flowing.

 Rolled over to the base of the White Mountains at the Poleta Hills.

Then out into the valley.

Local ponds are full too.

Rode a nice sandy section that will be leg buster for the grinder this weekend.

The flowers near our house in Wilkerson are looking good.

But the flowers in the Poleta Hills are nothing short of amazing.

Great ride.

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