Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Took a week or so off from skiing and got some riding in. We held our Owens Valley Gravel Grinder #3 last Sunday and I went on a few rides beforehand to scope out the route.

DWP has been upgrading the McNally canals northeast of Bishop and the roads alongside are in terrific shape for riding.

I revisited some old favorites on a day with amazing skies.

The Grinder was awesome. We had ten or so riders who enjoyed excellent conditions - including a little mud and a lot of perfect dirt.

It was the last ride for my Giant in this incarnation.

My new Rock Lobster!

Yep. That's metallic flake purple!

Took it out for a proper maiden voyage today.

 Cruised down the east side of the valley south of Big Pine.

The road got a tad sketchy south of the Tinemaha dam.

The wildflowers are just starting to pop.

The Owens River at Aberdeen Station Road. Cranking!

Rode back up through the Poverty Hills under the big peaks.

Battled a 10-15 mph headwind going down, but reaped a 20-25 mph tailwind on the way back as the winds steadily increased throughout the day. Nice.

Almost five hours in the saddle. The Lobster rode great. Fit like a glove!

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