Friday, May 12, 2017

Green Lake/Brown Lake

I had the pleasure to ski with my friend Jason today up in the Green Lake/Brown Lake area. With the warm temps of late we got a fairly early start - which proved to be wholly unnecessary owing to the high winds and cooler temps which kept the snow firm well into mid morning.

Jason nearing Brown Lake.

Since the snow was taking its sweet time softening we headed on up to the Green Lake area.

Yep. There's a lot of snow up there.

Occasionally strong gusts kept us on our toes!

Surveying the scene.

Nice chute at the head of the drainage.

We relaxed for a good bit on this rock to allow time for the snow to soften. Generally comfortable except for the random strong gust that would pelt us with ice crystals.

Headed up and found nice snow.

Had a short but excellent run here.

Skinned back up after and skied the bowl above Brown Lake which was a mix of hard snow and soft snow, however the run down to Parcher's was in perfect shape and skied very well.

Not done skiing yet!

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