Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tinker Classic

Last weekend I rolled east out of Bishop towards Beatty to race in the Tinker Classic 100k mountain bike race. Friday was hot so I elected to do a ride up near Lida Summit.

Pretty country.

Came across this spring. Could be quite handy for bikepacking or a big loop ride.

Ruins. Looked to be an old feed barn for a cattle operation.

Headed down Highway 95 to Beatty. Wasn't too hard to locate Spicer Ranch, the venue for the race and the trailhead for a real nice trail system.

Nice sunset at the ranch.

I rode down to Beatty for the start of the race. Tinker front right, me back center with white helmet.

Lifted a few pics of the race course off the interweb.

Good riding for the most part. I suffered a little here and there but felt strong overall.

Ended up second out of  eight in the Master's division (50+). Dunno what happened to third place dude. Missed out on some nice prizes.

Great event. Very well organized with a well marked and fun course and terrific aid stations.

Spicer Ranch is swell too. Sweet mountain bike trails, pleasant camping and nice bathroom and shower facilities. Check it out!

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