Thursday, June 8, 2017

Lost and Found Gravel Race

Last weekend I was back at Lake Davis for the Lost and Found gravel race. I arrived a couple of days before the race to grab a decent camp site and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Took a little spin on the Lake Davis trail after settling in at the campground.

The meadows in this neck of the woods are fantastic.

After several years of low levels the lake is brimming full.

Lightning Tree Point - this may be THE lightning tree but not sure.

 A little fog was drifting about the next morning.

 These lupine seemed especially happy.

Home sweet home for the weekend.

The start! Bill O. & Todd H. (left & center) lead the huge field.

Ben calmly rolls out,

Me. Mixture of giddy and trepidation.

The race was terrific. This year featured a new, much rougher course that was no less beautiful than the previous. My race went well. I felt good and strong most of the day and managed to avoid crashes and mechanical problems - which wasn't easy! Finished in 6:28 good for 17th of 72 finishers.

Although I wasn't completely spent, it was nice to sit down for a moment after crossing the finish line.

Ben and Ann were there to greet me - and provided a reviving can of Coke.

Pretty dang dusty out there. At times it felt like I was riding in a thick fog!

Ann picked up in the win in the 60 miler women's 21-30 division.

Most of the east side crew sans Chris & Brent. Ben, me, Ann, Ted, Bill & Simon. Stoked to be done and looking forward to grub and a beer!

Enjoyed a nice stroll in the evening. Mary, blending in.

Next morning took an easy spin. This is the north arm of Lake Davis.

Gravel bliss!

More meadows!

Another great trip with wonderful folks, tough racing, and amazing scenery.
Time to recover!

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