Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cycling in the Northern Alabama Hills

Since the Movie Flat area was getting a little crowded last week I camped in the northern Alabama Hills.

This morning I got up and went for another cyclocross ride although it was tough to get rolling in the cold. My hands were numb, my legs were heavy, and I felt like a popsicle until the sun popped up over the hills. I felt like life itself was beaming into me!

The northern section of Movie Road was freshly graded and watered - perfect conditions!
Yet another shot of Lone Pine Peak.Lone Pine Peak and Mt. Whitney.I always enjoy mining ruins.
The weathered wood and iron works look great.
This is the headworks of a big shaft. The cage around the shaft was built to keep people out.And there were flowers!
I got a real kick out of exploring a new area.

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LT & PP said...

Love the pictures of the mining stuff! And the flowers are great!