Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jimmy's Birthday Ride

My good friend Jim Tabb celebrated his birthday with a group ride. The weather was perfect with beautiful skies and balmy temperatures.

We spent a lot of time shooting the breeze and catching up!
Descending into Pleasant Valley.Cruising next to Pleasant Valley Reservoir was mighty fine!A little Sidewinder slithered between our wheels and coiled up next to the road.
Descending into Round Valley.
And climbing out of Round Valley above Paradise.
A strong storm was rolling into the Sierra, but the weather held out for us in the valley.
Climbing up towards Swall Meadows.
And into the pines around Swall. That's Jimmy on the right. Always smiling!
These deer were more quizical than afraid.
What a perfect ride! Good friends, big scenery, wildlife, fine weather and a celebration for one of the classiest guys I know, Mr. Jim Tabb. Happy Birthday Jim!

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cyclingchef said...

Tell Jim Happy Birthday for me! Love the blog unfortunately it really makes me miss home all the more. Great pics of the ride today.