Sunday, March 15, 2009

Maggot Chute

First of all I must explain the name of the chute I skied. The large bowl system northwest of North Lake is known as Maggot Bowl. I don't know why. The chute I skied is just west of that bowl system so I dubbed it Maggot Chute. Maybe Paiute Crag #7 chute would be more accurate, but what the heck. It may have some other local name too. Who knows.

We've had a series of warm pleasant days, so I figured the south facing slopes were probably coming into form pretty well. Maggot Bowl is often a decent "winter corn" option, so I figured I'd give the adjacent chute a try.

The winter trailhead is just above Aspendel, so I skinned up the road to North Lake. Here is a picture taken at the junction of the North Lake Road and the road up to Sabrina with the big peaks in the background. Click to enlarge. Please!
I think I take this picture every time I get to this spot near North Lake. The lower slopes of Maggot Bowl are on the right. The prominent ridge in the middle has no name that I know of, but holds about a million steep ski lines.
I have been wanting to ski this chute for a few seasons now. It could have used more snow, but I figured I'd give it a go.
I had to take the skis off for a short stretch here.
Further up there was lots of snow!
It's always nice to top out and see a whole new view. Basin Mtn and Mt Tom are on the right. Mt. Humphreys is just poking up over the Checkered Demon on the left.
This is the view up towards the eastern summit of Mt Emerson.
This is the view of the creamy goodness I got to ski on the way down!
In all honesty, I probably should have been descending about an hour earlier, but I was really itching to make it to the top. I was glad I did too. The snow was a little thick in spots, but generally really pleasant skiing. These lower slopes were quite nice.
Good times!

Sorry Chris, no pow shots.
I just hope we get some more pow!
The corn came through today though.

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Chris said...

Scott, no worries! March and April can be big months for snow, right?

Nice chute!!! The pics make me feel like I'm in there, too.