Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mammoth Mountain Storm Skiing

Today Steve and I went up to Mammoth Mountain for some lift assisted skiing in the storm. It snowed at least a foot and a half overnight with more nice cold snow falling all day. The temps were in the teens and the winds gusted to seventy miles per hour providing quite a contrast with yesterday's ride.

We started out on Lincoln Mountain/Chair 22 and found great skiing in the Avy Chutes. After a bunch of runs there it started getting pretty tracked up so we took a break for some fuel. It was just our luck to exit McCoy station to find Chair 3 loading with hardly anyone around! Bingo! We got another bunch of runs in fantastic snow. Eventually the winds picked up and we got stuck on the chair lift for about fifteen minutes (high winds often shut the lift down) which was a fairly cold and miserable experience.

Our legs were pretty fried so we headed home with very large grins!

It was real tough to take any pics, but I got a couple on our last run. Here's Steve stylin' it up in the cut up powder. Click on the pic!

Winter isn't quite over yet thankfully!

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