Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mary & Porter Pay a Visit!

I had a special treat Tuesday night when Mary (my wife) and Porter (my dog) came down to Lone Pine to camp with me. I have to admit it gets a bit lonely down here at nights, so I was super happy to see them. Here's a picture of our camp at first light. (click on pic!)
We took a short walk to an area with several natural rock arches.

Just about every morning there are a gaggle of photographers lined up to get a good shot. You can see them behind Mary. (don't forget to click the pic)
We capped it off with a nice self portrait.
Sure was great to have the "family" down!!!
I Love Them!


LT said...

These are great...we enjoyed being with you, too!!!!

Chris said...

good livin' Scott, amongst granite boulders!
Nice pics of your digs in the Alabamas.