Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alabama Hill Scr-amble

This morning I did my first scr-amble (part scramble part amble) of the year in the Alabama Hills.

The outing was like visiting an old friend I had not seen in a good while. I covered some familiar ground, I covered some new terrain, and I found an interesting surprise.

Honestly, I had forgotten how much I truly love this place.

The surprise was finding an old campsite painstakingly constructed by an old desert rat or perhaps a cowboy.

Here are the sleeping quarters. The carpet was held down on the edges by the rectangular rocks.
The sleeping quarters is behind the long, loaf like boulder. The three rocks in the center made for a fire pit and the wood was still ready to burn. Good 'ol Locust never rots!
The architect used plates of granite to chink the gaps both above, below and to the left of the loaf like rock (click to enlarge).
This is the site from a bit further back. The loaf rock is just below and left of the big recliner like boulder.

After my fine visit in the boulders I headed back "home" to the Scamp.


Chris said...

nice find, Scott. I miss that desert. and the photos looks great. keep it up.

Anonymous said...

what a cool discovery!