Monday, January 25, 2010

Death Valley Getaway Day 3

Aaaah! Another beautiful mild morning in Death Valley!

Mary once again started the day off right with a vigorous swim. I got some better pics this time.

Our canyon exploration the previous day was huge fun, so we decided to check out Mosaic Canyon near Stovepipe Wells.
We especially liked the flood polished dolomite.
After about an hour of hiking, with a few short scrambles, we arrived at this impassable waterfall.
On the way back we took a detour up a delightful little side canyon.
Look ma, no hands! What a ham.
More ham.
Back down the main canyon the dolomite continued to please.

During the recent floods this area was a broad river!
Here I am making my way down the one of the final stretches of the canyon while Mary photos from above (double click to enlarge, as with all the photos).
Alas, the trip was over, but we brought with us a sense of joy and contentment that will make the coming "routine" day's trials and tribulations easier to hurdle.

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Steven said...

u guys RAWK! some of the best DV photos I've seen in a very long time.