Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lunch Ride

I took an hour for lunch and headed to Afghanistan for a mountain bike ride.

I was happy to get by this ancient shrine without incident.
As I approached the hills the roar of jets and the rumble of distant blasts jangled my nerves.
This canyon looked like ambush city to me, so I turned around.Those damn Taliban drained the lake while I wasn't looking!
Well I just count my lucky stars I am not in Afgahnistan. Hats off to all those that are.

This was actually just a pleasant ride up the Cerro Gordo road above Keeler. Rode up in shorts and t-shirt, down in warmers.

It was peaceful for the most part, but I did hear a lot of military jet traffic and there was a quarry on the other side of a ridge where they were blasting.

It's good to get over that cold and feel human again!

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Jed and/or Annie said...

Yo Scott! I saw you and the Scamp today, you were driving down the Portal Road, about 7:15? I guided in the Alabama Hills. Work's busy for a while, but I do have days in the future I can count on having off, maybe even weekend days! We should ski! I'll keep you posted. Read down the way in your blog, catching up. Duke's eh? Anyway, take care, Jed