Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yosemite Border Tour, Day 9

A trans-Sierra ski tour always involves the logistical quandary of the return home. After our last tour (Monarch Divide in '08) my dad kindly picked us up and drove us home to Bishop. It was a great trip, but we ended up driving for close to eight hours, which was not easy on the body or spirit.

This time we elected to fly home. We took the YARTS bus from Yosemite Valley to Mariposa (2 hours & very scenic with lots of ephemeral waterfalls), spent the night there, and met our pilot, Geoff Pope, at the airfield just outside Mariposa on Saturday morning.
There was just enough room for the skis, packs, boots (very smelly) and us.
Within about twenty minutes we were flying right over our route. Merced Peak is in front center and the crescent shaped shoulder we crossed on day 5 is to its right.
Just a bit farther on we could see our route over the south shoulder of Triple Divide Peak just left of the prominent, shadowed ridge. We then skied down towards the front right of the photo and made our camp in the trees before the storm hit on day 4.
The camp was in the left most clump of trees. We were even able to see our skin track!
We also got this great view of Mt Lyell (skyline left center), Rodgers (skyline right), and Foerster (midfield left).
After fortyfive minutes of outrageous views and smooth air we landed in Bishop.

NOW the trip was over!

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