Thursday, December 13, 2012

CXLA and USGP Bend

I've done two more races "on the road."
CXLA in downtown Los Angeles and the Bend USGP.

Down in L.A. the track was muddy, but not sloppy and the temps were mild which seem like pretty ideal cyclocross racing conditions.

I scoured the web and managed to find this pic of the start of my race (from
I am back, second from the left, and rode right up the barrier to a pretty decent placing going into the first turn. (click on pic to enlarge).

I raced in the 45+ Category 3/4 race and managed to pick my way steadily through the guys in front of me to take the win. Yeah, the win! It felt SO good to win a race. I could hardly believe it.

Next up was the big weekend of USGP in Bend.
Two days of racing with large, strong fields on a super fun and challenging course.

Here I am at the top of a short run up. At one point I actually slipped near the top and slid all the way to the bottom! All I could do was laugh and try again.

After that little run up we had only a few feet to remount before this plunge.
Managed to avoid screwing that up thankfully.

Most of the dirt was wet like this.

The best part of the trip to Bend was racing and hanging with my buddy Steve and his family.
It was great to have a familiar face at the race and cool folks to go out to lunch & dinner with.
Special thanks to Steph for the pics.

Steve ripping through a tricky up/down/up/down section.

And battling his home series nemesis Alan just in front.

The racing was tough, and while I was a little disappointed with my placing at the time, I am proud I toed the line and raced against some of the best guys in my age group on the west coast.

And that concludes my greatest cyclocross season ever!
Heck, my greatest racing season of any kind ever!!!

Got to thank all the folks that supported me.
My wife, Mary, Nemo!, Mr. Nelson, and BxCx.
You are great.

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