Saturday, December 29, 2012

Trees Sweet Trees!

Today I hooked up with my buddy Nick and skied a spot I had never skied before. Actually, a spot I had never even thought of skiing before, but a friend of Nick's suggested it so we gave it a try.

First we had to shovel out a spot off the road for the Lil' Zuki.
 Nick tops out after the skin up.
 The camera fogged up on him, fortuitously!
 Nick drops in and drops a knee,.
 We found glade after glade of fantastic skiing.
What a great zone! I'm gonna keep quiet on the location although some sharp eyed local can probably figure it out from the pics.

The snow pack was deeper here than yesterday, with around four feet of snow. There was about eight to ten inches of light, new snow over a firmer, but not hard layer. No whumping or shooting cracks were observed. We did get a column failure about 50cm down Q1 CT15 (or so) and the whole column failed on the bottom facets (10cm-15cm thick) Q2 CT18. There was a density change 50cm down, but no facet layer was observed there. The pit was dug on north facing slope at about 8200'.

The slopes were not steep and with more or denser snow this area would not be so much fun, but it produced a lot of smiles today!

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