Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hamill Bowl Skiing

With little wind, mild temperatures, and cold nights the prospects for powder preservation were good on high north facing slopes. The trick was getting there.

Nemo and I opted to ride up from the gate near Twin Lakes to the trailhead at Coldwater Creek. The spin was an adventure in itself with ice & frozen slush. A couple of close calls, but no crashes.

Four years ago, almost to the day, I was in the same area chasing powder.

Saturday 4/11/15.

4/9/11.  See my blog entry here . Ouch. Looks like about eight to ten FEET more snow.

Above Hamill Lake and below the Hamill Cirque we found good coverage and terrific snow.

Getting in and out from Coldwater was only a little tricky. Skis suffered some minor damage.

The 18" that fell Tuesday had settled to 10" to 12" of "ego snow."

Thank you sir may I have another?

Nemo really got it going on the third run.

Back on the bikes for a little more adventure down to the car.

Super fun day. Thank Nemo!

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