Monday, January 18, 2016

June Mountain Backcountry

For several weeks we've enjoyed great skiing but in a fairly limited area. I was feeling the need to explore, find a new zone, while still looking for good skiing.

Last weekend on Whitewing I spied these drainages. The initial intention was to cruise up the treed headwaters of Deadman Creek on the left, but as we approached, the bowl up to the right beckoned.

We were pleasantly surprised to find good snow on the southeast facing slopes approaching the bowl, so we headed up.

We dubbed this rock formation "The Tuning Fork", could also be "Pinchers."

The sun shone intermittently with strong gusty winds on the ridges. Steve near the top with Mono Lake behind.

Looking up to the crest and the white triangle of San Joaquin Mountain.

The first run.

So nice!

Steve drops in for the second run.

The Tuning Fork in full winter glory.

Me dropping in for the third run of the day.

Letting 'em run below The Tuning Fork.

Just an incredible day.

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