Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mammoth Crest Again

Steve, Anne S. and I ventured up into the Mammoth Lakes Basin heading back to where Steve and I skied two weeks ago (click here).

After yesterday's deep snow I was a little reluctant to head back too far, but the skinning proved to be surprisingly easy.

Anne and I admire the views.

Anne skins up towards our turnaround point.

Steve makes the first turns of the day. A bit chunky with wind affect, but skied pretty well.

Powdery down lower.

Headed back up for another and skied a more wind protected aspect.

Real nice skiing on the way out.

Topped the day off with a barleywine at The Rambler.

Good times!

Saw several shallow, but in some cases wide, crowns below rock bands near the crest and touched off a small soft slab in the throat of a short steep chute near treeline. The upper 6" to 8" of storm snow had just enough cohesion and had not yet bonded well to the layer below.

Here's a pic.

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