Thursday, April 28, 2016

Haute Route Day 5

Our room was on the windward side of the hut, so we could hear it blow all night and when morning dawned it only seemed to strengthen.

It was immediately apparent that the high route over the glaciers was not an option. 

It took a bit of fortitude just to get our kit together and onto our skis!

The bail out option here is the Pas de Chevres which involves a series of ladders to surmount these cliffs.

Looking back from where we came.

Gavin climbs the first ladder.

Nicki and I took a belay.

Isaac on the catwalk near the top.

 The view from the pass was great and we were happily sheltered from the strong winds there.

 Jed fortifies.

This area is on or very near the route of the upcoming PDG randonee race and there were many folks out on racing gear.

Gavin. Animated. As always!

We descended in the closed Arolla ski area. Lucien stops by the side of one of the trails.

More racer types.

Some regular Joe types too.

Eventually arriving in the lovely town of Arolla.

Where Dave arranged for a van to take us to Zermatt. Interesting rock formation along the way.

 Arriving in Zermatt which is carless, but does have small electric taxis and service vehicles.

 Cleaned up and changed we headed out for dinner.

Zermatt has a nice quaintness to it.

There are old historic buildings.

Mixed with a little glitz.

Bailing but not failing. We took what the mountains gave us, which on this occasion was a quick exit.

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