Thursday, April 28, 2016

Huate Route Day 4

We left the Prafleuri hut under leaden skis and light snow, skinned up the Col de Roux, and then began a long long, slightly downhill traverse above the reservoir Lac des Dix.

Random cross along the traverse.

Above the inlet to the reservoir we began the ascent towards the Dix hut.

Looking back at the almost empty reservoir. We traversed along the left above the rock bands.

Time to climb!

Another look at the reservoir with Jed and Lucien.

We found ourselves with a little descent to get to the hut which is perched on a bluff.

The Dix hut is truly a beautiful structure.

and inside they served beautiful beer! This hut had by far the best selection of wine and beer among the huts we visited. This Tripel was tasty!

More building pics.

The weather lifted slightly revealing the standard route up the glaciers which appeared to zig zag up to the right of the point.

The stunning Mont Blanc de Cheilon.

The boot room. Ski boots are forbidden in the huts, so they are removed in the entry boot room and exchanged for hut shoes, which were Crocs.

Similarly ice axes are racked before entry.

The question on our minds was whether the weather would allow us to take the standard route or force us into other decisions. I had another Tripel and enjoyed the moment!

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