Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mt Gilbert

Reports from the South Lake zone were positive, so I headed up there with the idea of skiing the Treasure Bowls and possibly even summiting Mt Gilbert.

As I reached the South Lake trailhead my day was laid out in front of me with the Treasure Bowls in the center and Mt Gilbert above them to the right.

This deadfall arch has existed since I began skiing this area in the late 1990s. The entrance to the promised land!

Beautiful early morning light on the slopes with another's tracks.

Small rollerballs had come down in the previous day's warmth. None were large and no true wet slides were evident.

The existing skin track was refrozen and crusty while the surrounding snow was soft and light.

The skin track took me to the base of the Col which helped make for a nice rapid pace.

At the Col, the preceding traveler booted up and down. Nice for me!

Neat views along the long granite ridge near the entrance to the chute.

Awe inspiring scenery from the top of the col.

After a bit of postholing, scrambling, and easier strolling I reached the summit of Mt Gilbert.

The views back down to South Lake and the Owens Valley.

Skier's Peak looks skiable for the most part.

The view to the west from the summit.

and the view east towards the Palisades on the skyline.

Mt Johnson and an oblique view of the north face couloir. Looks in.

The skiing was great below the col. My tracks on the left.

and more great skiing in the "main" Treasure Bowl too. My tracks barely visible.

I skinned up to the ridge above the Hurd Peak bowl. Nice vista there too.

The Hurd Peak Bowl. Might've held the best snow of all!

One of the best days in the mountains this year.

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