Thursday, May 7, 2009

The British Museum

We arose early and hopped on the subway with about a million other commuters.
We had read the Museum opened at 8:30am, but found that only the courtyard was open a that time and the exhibits did not open until 10:00am. A huge steel and glass roof enclosed the courtyard making for an interesting contrast between old and modern architecture. We killed a little time sipping espresso and taking photos.

At ten o'clock sharp the doors opened and a small crowd rushed to the main attraction, the Rosetta Stone.
The museum held an amazing collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts.

The collection of Greek sculpture was astounding. This is a bust of Socrates.
The Centaurs were a tough and angry lot.

The Assyrian collection was amazing too.

I have to admit that after a while my head was spinning trying to comprehend and imagine life in those ancient times. I enjoyed the museum immensely, but we both felt like we were no longer appreciating what we were looking at, thus it was time to leave.

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Melissa Place said...

I remember being overwhelmed pretty quickly at the British Museum. I remember freezing to death also. But it was so cool. Love seeing the pictures.